Are you experiencing workplace violence?

If you are experiencing workplace violence, it's important to tell someone. The following list includes some of the organizations or professionals who may be of assistance.

  • Your union's Occupational Health & Safety Officer

  • Your union or professional organization representative

  • Your physician

  • The Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour http://www.gov.ns.ca/enla/

  • Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia www.wcb.ns.ca
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Are you experiencing
workplace violence?

Quick facts

  • Workplace violence costs emotionally and financially in family life and lost work time. The poll shows, for example, that 8% of the employees enduring malicious gossip at work in the past two years have lost time from work as a result. And 9% of the employees who suffered an assault have required treatment or counseling as a result of the incident.
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